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Zurfiz Metallic Champagne Kitchen Doors
Made to Measure Kitchen Doors, Wide Range of Colours, Nationwide Delivery

High Quality Zurfiz Kitchen Doors
Easy Clean
Any Size
Will not peel, bubble or warp
Delivered nationwide
6 Year Guarantee

Zurfiz kitchen doors are manufactured to the highest standards using only high quality materials by skilled labourers, supplied complete with a 6 Year Guarantee.

All Zurfiz kitchen doors are supplied in any of the colours shown below. We also offer a made to measure kitchen door service. Please contact us with your requirements.

Zurfiz Metallic Champagne

Kitchen Door Prices

    Width (mm)
  Height (mm) 146 296 396 446 496 596 796 996 1200
Drawer Fronts 115     5.75   11.25 13.30      
140   7.95 10.00 11.00 12.00 15.00   24.00  
175     12.00   14.50 17.00 22.50 27.50  
215     14.00   17.00 20.00 26.50 29.75  
Door Fronts 283         17.30 20.20   33.00  
355         21.00 24.75 32.20 39.75  
415     19.50 21.75 24.00 28.00      
450           30.00      
490           32.00      
535     24.50   30.00        
570   20.50 26.00 29.00 31.50 37.50      
650   23.00 29.50 32.50 35.50 42.00      
715 14.75 25.00 32.00 35.50 38.75 45.75 59.50 72.20 87.50
895   31.00 39.40   48.00 56.25      
900   31.00 39.50   48.00 56.50 73.75 90.75 108.00
1055     46.00 51.00 56.00 65.75      
1245   42.50 54.00   65.20 77.00 100.00 123.00 146.50
1375     59.20   72.00        
1435     59.00   75.00   114.20 140.75 167.75
1450     62.20   75.75        
1495     64.50   78.00 91.50 119.00 146.50 174.20
Tall Doors 1735   58.20 74.00 82.00 90.00 105.75 137.20 168.75 201.00
2155   72.00 91.50 101.25 111.00 130.00 169.30 208.20 247.75
2250   75.00 95.20 106.50 115.75 136.00      
2400   80.10 101.75 112.50 123.25 144.75      
2540   84.75 107.50 118.75 130.25 153.00 198.75 244.20 290.75
Standard Sizes
The door prices above are for standard size kitchen and bedroom door and drawer fronts.

Non Standard Sizes
For pricing non standard size doors and drawer fronts use the next size up and add 10% to the list price above.


  Home Delivery
UK Mainland orders will be subject to a 15 carriage charge per order.

Hinge Holes
Hinge holes will be charged at 1 per hole each (35mm diameter x 12mm depth).

Zurfiz Metallic Champagne Extras
Plinth Pelmet End Panels
150 x 3000mm 35 N/A in this colour 900 x 350mm 30
        900 x 650mm 50
        2400 x 650mm 150

Zurfiz Metallic Champagne Door Edge Finishes

Glass Effect Matching Brushed Steel

Complete Zurfiz Kitchen Door Range
(click on a door colour below for prices)

japanese pear
noce marino
kitchen doors
light grey
kitchen doors
kitchen doors
Made to Measure Bella Zurfiz Acrylic Kitchen Doors
3 different edging options available
Lowest Bella Zurfiz Kitchen Door prices online
Fast UK Delivery service
Complete range of Kitchen Door accessories available

Bella Zurfiz Kitchen Doors

We are nationwide suppliers of high quality vinyl wrapped replacement Bella kitchen doors nationwide for self install by diy or trade. All replacement Bella kitchen doors are supplied with a 6 Year Guarantee. Also available is a full range of kitchen accessories including stainless steel kitchen taps, kitchen sinks, kitchen end panels, end quads, kitchen soft close door hinges and kitchen door handles.

All replacement Bella kitchen doors are made to measure and all doors are fully priced online. Transform the look, feel and colour of your kitchen with our range of replacement Bella kitchen doors and accessories.

High Gloss Kitchen Doors

A full range of kitchen accessories including end panels, open end wall shelf unit, cornice and pelmet in modern and traditional styles.

All shaped replacement kitchen doors are available in a range of colours and all flat style replacement kitchen doors are available in hi gloss colours.

Zurfiz Kitchen Doors

Instead of buying a complete new kitchen you can transform the look of your existing kitchen by changing the doors and accessories. If your kitchen units are in good condition just change the doors - this will cost a fraction of the price of a new kitchen.

Replacing your existing kitchen doors is simple just measure the width and height in millimetres. Refer to our online Zurfiz kitchen door price list for a quotation. All replacement Zurfiz kitchen doors are made to measure, so we can produce non standard kitchen door sizes.

You don't have to be a diy expert to change your kitchen doors and drawers, minimal tools are required. Select the high gloss kitchen door colour from our website, all Zurfiz kitchen doors are fully priced online.

Once you have measured all of your kitchen doors and drawers in millimetres and noted down the quantities refer to our website price guide. All kitchens doors and drawers are made to measure.

The hinges and plates on your existing kitchen doors should be fine to use again.

Bella Kitchen Doors | Zurfiz Kitchen Doors | High Gloss Kitchen Doors




High Gloss Kitchen Doors, Zurfiz Kitchen Doors, Made to Measure Kitchen Doors, Replacement Kitchen Doors, DIY Kitchen Doors, Bella Kitchen Doors